Some of our fibre build is not organised into these exchange areas, and so even if we dont have major plans for an area, we may still be building fibre for some customers. Connecting you to the world. Openreach says it's unable to access about four in ten multiple-dwelling units, largely because of absentee landlord, adding to costs and delays; because of that, Openreach would like to see easier routes to consent, with local authorities granting access to council-owned or managed properties, for example. Youve completed the build at my exchange, but my home or business wasnt done. Use our fibre checker to find out services your home and business can access. BT reported a 3% decline in revenues to 10.3bn for the six months to September, while pre-tax profits were down 5% to 1bn. Having trouble with broadband or phone in your new-build home? Not even Johnson knows. Broadband data services we provide to businesses including availability, etc. Openreach is by far the largest full fibre operator in the United Kingdom and its latest figure of 4.5 million premises passed is around 4.5 times the next nearest operator. @phead, yes of course, lets send the media and PR team out to run some cables and do some splicing shall we? I think we can go a lot faster, says Selley, a keen runner who is married with two children and lives in London. Dear colleague, I m delighted to welcome you to Openreach. Volume discounts to larger ISPs acknowledged. They produce a forecast for 3.2m by 2025 and then 7m by 2031. "With such a short timeline and a big ladder to climb, six months lost in meetings would be crucial," he says. This is about encouraging take up and possibly retaining certain ISPs. Discover Openreach and what we do We supply network services It would also help, he added, to get more detail from private providers on their future plans, in particular where they plan to spread full fibre next. For example we connect new housing developments to fibre all the time and right across the UK. Examples of Openreach in a sentence. If it loosened the reins it would be accused of going soft on BT, sparking anger from the likes of Sky, which use the Openreach network and would have to pass on the higher prices to their retail customers. Openreach, which maintains the UK's national network, is the most profitable division within BT and the potential stake sale could value the unit at about 20bn, said people briefed on the talks.. Why? Another challenge is organising the work of private companies be it Openreach and Virgin Media, or smaller players like Hyperoptic or Gigaclear as they sometimes roll out to the same areas where there's enough customers to make enough revenue for a return on investment, so-called "overbuilding", when two or more ISPs install infrastructure to the same location. We did it! The Openreach chief is bullish about its network roll-out but wont say if it will hit a 2025 deadline, Clive Selley rocks back in his chair and flashes a smile. For the full detail of what Ofcom has done see the Ofcom website, but to summarise it quickly: Weve now passed almost 4.5 million premises and are building faster, at lower cost and higher quality than anyone else in the UK. @thinkbroadband @zeninternet Itll be double digits by 2025 at this rate! Contrast that UK figure of 7.1pc to Spains 71pc, Portugals 89pc or even relative laggard France at 28pc. I imagine this is what TalkTalk are trying to negotiate to start now, hence why the delay to their FTTP rollout. Weve done everything we can to make sure that this map accurately reflects our plans at the time of publication. Openreach statement on reaching 4.5 million FTTP premises, The latest offers and discounts and special offers on broadband, Search and filter our complete broadband package list, Compare the ratings of broadband providers, Rate your broadband connection (requires login). Is it likely? In response the operator is said by our sources to be designing a new special offer, albeit one with a focus toward driving not only take-up of FTTP but also the fastest tiers on that service. At present over 22% of UK premises can access a "gigabit . Youve got to think that a lot of plotting goes on at BT and Openreach to try and get the public mindset not just behind pushing for for fttp rollout but also seeing value in actual fttp speeds. UK broadband statistics we published as factsheets previously. The Virgin Media and CityFibre figures are from the time they started building rather than just the last 12 months too. Its good to have competition, so I say bring it on. I wonder how many people in government have shares in BT Read about our approach to external linking. The latest offers and discounts and special offers on broadband, Search and filter our complete broadband package list, Compare the ratings of broadband providers, Rate your broadband connection (requires login). If Ofcom thinks Openreach will deploy 3.2 million in rural then that is part of the 20 million, I would be expecting them to probably do 80% urban and 20% rural and that was before reading any Ofcom forecasts. We always endeavour to publish the most up to date and accurate information we can. An extensive guide to how you can power your broadband router in the event of a power outage, as well as other tips for keeping things running during a power cut. Sky Fibre to Giganet Fibregood or bad idea? Broadband not working? Great to be able to support Veterans In Crisis with donations made by the team Liked by Nigel Hill It was incredibly humbling to see. Speaking publicly for the first time about the nationalisation threat, Selley a BT veteran who joined as an electrical engineer and will next year clock up four decades at the company can barely conceal his bewilderment over Labours plan, which flew in the face of assurances he had personally received from the party a few weeks earlier. Even for those in rural or otherwise underserved areas, there are solutions that mean fiber isn't necessarily the best option. She get 3 Virgins network covers half the UK. Sky Fibre to Giganet Fibregood or bad idea? "In the short-term, this requires reforming the fibre tax, implementation of wayleave reform and targeted funding support for the hardest to reach areas," says Till Sommer, Head of Policy at ISPA. The Big Bold Plan is Openreach's engagement strategy; ensuring that their Direct Labour workforce and Key Contractors are aligned for the challenges of the new financial year and their expectations. I have similar sentiments. Download free Openreach vector logo and icons in PNG, SVG, AI, EPS, CDR formats. "We just need to acknowledgement that tripling the amount being built today and sustaining that pace for month after month is not going to be simple or cheap." The hard bit is the remaining 10 per cent that the government doesn't believe private companies will be motivated to cover with full fibre and many of those people are the ones left languishing on the slowest connections. Lets see what fibre broadband is available to you. These include cookies that are required to run the browsing experience, as well as cookies that offer personalised content and measure visitor satisfaction. For us, it is the greenlight weve been waiting for to get on and build like fury. Rather than continuing to force down prices of entry level copper and partial fibre (FTTC) services regulation will operate to keep these services prices flat in the real term. Openreach will update the build information at least every three months including whether build timelines for areas have moved back or been brought forward due to unforeseen operational reasons. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. Reviews of broadband routers and modems. OR may be also considering differentiated pricing that more relates to cost. Surely Openreach have economies of scale so should be decimating the competition! Unauthorised reproduction prohibited. A movement to promote neighborhoods with amenities within walking distance has enraged far-right activists, climate deniers, and extremists. The job of Openreach in its current governance arrangement or any other really isnt going to change. "Rolling out infrastructure is a costly and time-consuming venture, that comes with a long pay-back on investment," commented Kester Mann, an analyst at the tech consultancy CCS Insight. Were committed to building the best digital future for the UK, so weve announced an ambitious plan to deliver Ultrafast full Fibre Broadband to 25 million homes and businesses by December 2026, if the right investment conditions are in place. WIRED is where tomorrow is realised. intended to steal away some of Openreach and Virgin Medias market share). The website devoted to banging on about Openreach's Fibre First programme features a map showing every bit of the US that either already has FTTP, is in the process of acquiring it, or is in Openreach's immediate plans. 2 year contracts with the market in such a state of flux werent potentially a good plan even before this suggestion that potentially maybe their might be a reduction that might not apply to you. "Were now building fibre to the premise (FttP) out to 20,000 premises a week up from 13,000 in November. If the government decided to take broadband seriously, is full fibre possible by 2025? I think we will make a massive contribution in getting the nation to that milestone, but we cant do it alone. "That's one home every 23 seconds," says Selley breathlessly. Commercial API for broadband availability information for use by third party websites, (locate your local Telephone exchange and see what services are available). "It's true we certainly want to make sure that BT can have a fair bet on this investment, but at the core of our approach is that we are trying to get competition into the wholesale network layer, of broadband for the future, really for the first time in quite a new way," Dame Melanie Dawes told BBC Radio Four's Today programme. Bold, bright, and simple!!! Is it just me or is this from Vodafone badly worded? These include cookies that allow the sharing of anonymous data with selected third-party partners. Now that competitors, new entrants and investors have some degree of certainty we might see another wave of investment as others see an opportunity both for smaller regional operators and large national competitors. When it comes to broadband (as well as TV and phone packages), theres the network that carries the data and then theres the broadband and TV bundles that you order for your home. It came out of the blue, says the chief executive of Openreach, recalling the moment a colleague informed him of Jeremy Corbyns proposals to nationalise his company and give away its broadband services to consumers for free. If youd like a list of all the exchanges and locations currently announced as part of our Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband Build Plan you can downloadit here. Connecting the country has never been more vital. I was shocked to find out that BT fibre is already here in the city, but only in one place, but I don't think it will expand with Zzoomm going to cover the city. Openreach dont have volume discounts outside of the special offers advertised. Possible to merge SSID/bands on BT Smart Hub? The team plays a key role in delivering the Openreach Big bold plan, supporting better service, broader coverage and faster speeds, through ensuring that the our network has the highest possible availabily and quality standards. 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As part of a new tranche of build work that will begin in March 2021, BT-owned UK national infrastructure provider Openreach has announced a further 67 locations in . You will be part of a CTiO team that leads . Marketing wise you would piss off the have nots if you shout about gigabit. For starters, in a move which could put a serious dent in Openreachs revenues, Virgin is considering opening up its own network to others such as Sky. There are public-funding programmes in place for such community-level work notably the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme but the fact remains that if a home doesn't have a solid broadband connection in the UK, it's likely been deemed too expensive or difficult by private infrastructure providers. However, it indicated that any such switch off must be done "progressively over a number of years". The UK actually has more fibre in its network than those figures would suggest, but it mostly stops at cabinets the green boxes on your street that you'll sometimes see Openreach engineers fiddling with. In simple terms, and assuming ISPs can meet the criteria, then they appear to be proposing rebates that are indirectly tied to the % split of bandwidth profiles. Its like Tesco unable to offer Champagne at a cheaper price than a local hardware store. (step-by-step information on troubleshooting the most common broadband problems), Learn what 'fibre'broadband' is and how it can benefit you (including FTTC and FTTP), (step-by-step guide to resolving a problem with your broadband provider), (How to switch/migrate broadband supplier and details of the core underlying switching processes that are used. big ISPs like Sky Broadband, TalkTalk and BT will see the main benefit), although much will depend upon the final details. Selley seems unfazed by the prospect of losing a key customer. Unhappy with Openreach work?