The products are designed to look stylish and functional and provide optimal care in hazardous working conditions to offer great comfort. We arent sure the amount of damage blue light can do to your eyes over time, but immediate exposure can cause eye strain and pain and even headaches. Beyond that, every OSHA-approved pair of glasses needs to have its ANSI status clearly marked on the lens. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. BUILT FOR COMFORT & SAFETY: Incredibly light, all-around ballistic impact protection with a snug, comfortable, and secure fit that helps minimize slippage. Blue light is emitted from the sun as well as mobile devices, tablets, computers, LED light bulbs and television sets, and even fluorescent bulbs. BISON LIFE Safety Glasses - Scratch Resistant Eyewear, Polycarbonate Impact Resistant Lens. OSHA is run through the Department of Labor. The training also has to be in a language the employees can understand; Employees can observe testing to their workplace designed to find hazards, and they can view the results. Our knowledgeable and attentive representatives will help you find the safety glasses that are truly best for your purposes. Edge Eyewear Ossa Safety Glasses Clear Lens Black Frame 1 pk. CORDED EAR PLUG CONTROL SYSTEM: Unique temple design can keep eyewear and ear plugs attached, untangled, and ready to use. 4.7 out of 5 stars 5,803. These are Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices, ANSI Z87.1-.1989 and ANSI Z87.1-2003. Eye protection by OSHA safety training standards requires all eyewear to meet the requirements of the American National Standards Institute. The standard includes the requirement that "[t]he employer shall ensure that each affected employee who wears prescription lenses while engaged in operations that involve eye hazards wears . ; side shields feature venting for better airflow and comfort; adjustable temple length ensures comfortable, custom fit, LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: Made of 100% Polycarbonate material for durability; coatings are permanently bonded to the lens to prevent wash/wear off even after high cleanings and usage; protects against abrasions, impacts, airborne particulates and biohazards, ANTI-FOG AND ANTI-SCRATCH LENS COATING OPTIONS: Choose the Uvextreme lens coating for excellent fog-free performance under hot and humid conditions OR choose the Ultra-Dura hard coat: one of the toughest anti-scratch coatings in the world, MULTIPLE LENS TINTS FOR DIFFERENT WORK ENVIRONMENTS: Clear lens is suitable for most work environments; amber lens enhances contrast in low-light environments for better vision; gray lens is ideal for outdoors where glare and sunlight can cause eye strain. mean that all safety glasses must meet specific requirements that protect your eyes from: Spills and splashes from chemicals, bodily fluids, or other harmful substances. One company stated that it was an OSHA law that you had to purchase a new frame. All safety glasses that are OSHA-approved must be ANSI Z87.1 certified. STRONG, DURABLE WRAPAROUND DESIGN. Your email address will not be published. Benefit from a wide variety of high-grade eye protective glasses for work and sports, all equipped with premium impact-resistant lenses. Built for all around visibility and a high level of direct and peripheral eye protection from flying particles or debris. From $9.99. asking yourself that question, but you probably should. This is because ANSI creates and approves the standards for safety glasses in the US. New OSHA rules for eye and face protection were published in the US Federal Register on March 25, 2016. If your safety glasses are cracked or scratched, or your frames are bent or distorted, you need to get new safety eyewear. Either of these consensus standards therefore is relevant to whether your employer may allow you to use your safety glass frames refitted with new lenses as eye protection on the job. These markings are usually visible on the lenses, frames, and any accompanying eye shields. Eye and face PPE shall be distinctly marked to facilitate identification of the manufacturer. Whether at work or play, Stoggles keep your eyes protected from becoming one of the 2,000 eye injury statistics per day, all while helping you keep your sweet style. Men's Eyeglasses . 2. Full-face Respirators. SAFETISAN Tinted Safety Glasses Bulk, 24 Pack, Protective Shaded Safety Goggles, UV Protection Sunglasses, Scratch & Impact Resistant Dark Smoke Lense | Perfect for Construction, Shooting, Lab Work. The, Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Have no fear: the Stoggles team is here! Safety Glasses with Yellow Lenses. . Follow OSHA Eye Protect Standards. Box 154 How to Select OSHA Approved Safety Glasses. 1: OSHA-Approved Safety Glasses. OSHA-approved eyeglasses got marked certified by ANSI Z87.1 safety standards. Just like your safety glasses must fit right to provide adequate protection, they must also be in good condition. Our interpretation letters explain these requirements and how they apply to particular circumstances, but they cannot create additional employer obligations. However, in 1970, Congress was confronted with a few troubling statistics. Approved tinting, photochromic lenses available. 11 Pairs Safety Eye Glasses Side Shields,Slip On Clear Side Shields for Safety Glasses Fits Small to Medium Eyeglasses Frames(10 Pair Clear and 1 Pair Transparent Black) 4.1 4.1 out of 5 stars (4,948) $10.79 $ 10. Don them when cycling, climbing, functioning, looking, or fishing.Risk Free of charge Obtain: The Muzzle Mates capturing basic safety glasses occur with a no-hassle 1-calendar year warranty to give you totally nothing to shed. In addition, the frame should show the manufacturer's mark or logo. CR-39, polycarbonate and glass lens materials. This letter constitutes OSHA's interpretation of the requirements discussed. Ask your eye care professional for complete wear, care and safety . Well explain what they are and how to tell if your glasses are certified to keep you safe. There is a strict set of rules for selecting the face and eye protection that complies with OSHAs eye and face protection standard,29 CFR 1910.133. Our in-house laboratory allows us to make the best prescription safety glasses possible for our customers. The lenses on safety eyeglasses are stronger than the lenses in fashion eyeglasses. 79. General. COVID safety glasses vs. goggles - Goggles that fit tightly to the face, including sports goggles, offer even more COVID-19 protection than safety glasses. For this test, a steel ball bearing must be launched at the lens of the safety glasses at a speed of 102 mph. Our Style Guide Frame Advisor . Your faces bone structure protects your eyes from injuries caused by large objects. Response 1: The general requirement for eye protection are found in 1910.133. This section highlights OSHA standards and documents related to eye and face protection. Clear Anti-Scratch Wraparound Lenses, UV400 Protection, ANSI Z87 & OSHA Certified. For the approval of impact-rated, some lenses also passed the test of high mass and high-velocity tests. Why the face and eye protection is necessary, How improper fit, use, or maintenance of their face and eye protection can compromise its effect, What the safety glasses can and cannot protect against, How to use safety glasses in an emergency, How to inspect their safety glasses for damage, put them on, and remove them efficiently, How to properly maintain and store their safety glasses, What medical signs and symptoms they need to watch for if they will prevent effective use. A pair of OSHA-approved prescription safety glasses are noticeably thicker than non-approved glasses. You should wear it when doing projects or activities that could create a risk for eye injuries at home. Be the first to hear about product launches, new colors, and the latest on all things eye care. These safety lenses deliver side protection to the eyes as well. While that figure is alarming, its even more startling that experts estimate that the severity of those injuries can be lessened and that 90% of those injuries can be prevented altogether with the right kind of protection. Discover more about the small . , cause irritation, and put you at risk of developing macular degeneration. What are the shipping options for Safety Glasses? With hard nylon frames and scratch-proof lenses, Muzzle Mates glasses pack unrivaled toughness to deal with it all. Between the loss of production, medical expenses, and disability compensation, the nation was facing a crisis. Prescription Safety Glasses & RX Safety Glasses and Safety Googles with ANSI Z87.1 Rating, Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lens, Anti Fog & Side Shields. 4.5 4.5 out of 5 stars (789) $17.00 $ 17. The assessment should consider the type of work being performed, the potential hazards, and the likelihood of exposure. Attention: Each pair safety glasses side shield has the signs "R" and "L",please pay attention to it. A prepaid return shipping label will be supplied at no additional cost to you. Problem solved. Also, from time to time we update our guidance in response to new information. 3 colors. Ergo, not all safety glasses will have every ANSI marking on them, but they will have the certifications for impact resistance and structural integrity. Accordingly, Congress got to work addressing the issue. Safety glasses represent the best of 2-in-1 eyewear and are OSHA-approved. That means across the board, were not being incredibly careful. Safety readers and bifocal safety glasses, order a pair of prescription safety glasses, certified prescription safety eyewear here. Because eye safety is so important, Stoggles makes every pair of our safety glasses with standards that go above and beyond the ANSI Z78.1+ certification requirements. This in response to the recognition that certain job tasks and applications, including those of first-responder, firefighting or . We hope you find this information helpful. 3382. If theres an issue with your glasses, well make it right by replacing them or giving your money back. Discover more about the small businesses partnering with Amazon and Amazons commitment to empowering them. And if you have any questions or concerns, dont hesitate tocontact us, our experts would be happy to help. For starters, there are over 2,000 workplace-related eye injuries per day in the United States. . Ergonomic appearance design: the soft frame fits with the face well, and you can determine the tightness of the face mirror by adjusting the headband. The lenses and frames of your glasses have to protect you from impact, but they also need to remain lightweight so that theyre comfortable. per day in the United States. Then you need Stoggles. Comfortable and stylish protective eyewear. There are many occupations in the United States that place employees in the presence of dangerous machinery or hazardous materials. Wiley X Spear (APEL) $110.00. $14.19. Heres what we think makes an exceptional pair of safety glasses. Employees have to be trained on all of the following topics when presented with their safety glasses: Additionally, employees who have to wear corrective lenses will need to either purchase prescription safety glasses or modify their own glasses to comply with PPE certified equipment, although typically its easier to order a pair of prescription safety glasses. Our interpretation letters explain these requirements and how they apply to particular circumstances, but they cannot create additional employer obligations. AN ANNUAL SUPPLY OF CONTACT LENSES. Shop products from small business brands sold in Amazons store. Our significant impression protective glasses comply with the most recent ANSI Z87.1 and EN166 standards- the greatest certification for safety glasses in the Usa and Europe. The American National Standards Institute is a private, not-for-profit company that facilitates the development and implementation of safety standards for numerous industries. After all, your eyes are home to some of the only cells in your body that cant regenerate: your retinal cells. Blue light blocking lenses filter out blue light to keep your eyes protected. Browse our collection of ANSI Z87.1 compliant safety glasses. This guidance answers questions for manufacturers, importers, and testing laboratories on such topics as test procedures, lens testing apparatus, record maintenance, and exemptions to testing . How protection should be crafted and tested, How the final product should be marked to ensure uniform notification of safety, OSHA requirements that your safety glasses be. Records of work-related injuries and illnesses have to be available for employee review. Its a government agency, of course! Prescription Sunglasses. While threats to your eyes are present in the workplace, some industries are riskier than others when it comes to the potential for eye injuries. 1915 Subpart I - Personal Protective Equipment, 1918 Subpart J - Personal Protective Equipment, 1926 Subpart E - Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment. Yes, Safety Glasses can be returned and have a 90-Day return period. Detachable side protectors (e.g. 95-$204.86 $ 204. 1926.102 (a) (1) The employer shall ensure that each affected employee uses appropriate eye or face protection when exposed to eye or face hazards from flying particles, molten metal, liquid chemicals, acids or caustic liquids, chemical gases or vapors, or potentially injurious light radiation. Multi-purpose Glassess - Perfect for Construction, Shooting, Industrial, DIY Projects, Yardwork, Hunting, Fishing, Woodworking, Painting, and More. Top 10 Rated osha approved safety glasses in 2023 Comparison Table. Polycarbonate lensAnti-Fog Coating coatingANSI Licensed Security: Built working with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses for excellent taking pictures eye protection, Muzzle Mates protective eyeglasses comply with the newest ANSI Z87.1 and EN166 criteria.Appreciate Superior VISIBILITY: Our scratch-resistant anti fog security eyeglasses offer unmatched visibility although out on the firing vary. The ANSI standards were developed to ensure that all safety glasses and protective eyewear conforms to the same standards. Thousands of people are blinded each year from work-related eye injuries that could have been prevented with the proper selection and use of eye and face protection. Blue light is similar to UV light. What is the OSHA standard for safety glasses? The polycarbonate wraparound lenses protect you from the front and the sides. To keep apprised of such developments, you can consult OSHA's website at Our lenses are crafted from naturally UV blocking polycarbonate, so you get UV protection without a darkened lens. Your new job requires safety eyewear, and your employer was kind enough to throw a pair your way. Who are the people making all the rules about what you should and shouldnt wear to protect your eyes? -Protects against hazards that may come from above or below the eye. ( Z87 . Safety glasses that will protect an employee from impact might not adequately protect them from harmful dust, for instance. Both are similar, but one is the more recent and accurate mark. Heat resistance is necessary to prevent the lenses from being pushed into a wearers eyes in extreme circumstances. Every household should have at least one pair of ANSI-approved protective eyewear. WESTERN SAFETY. Before you slide those babies over your ears, you might be asking yourself: How do I know these are OSHA approved? Table E-1 - Filter Lens Shade Numbers for Protection Against Radiant Energy. 1. Keep your glasses on with. Employees are allowed to get copies of medical records pertaining to workplace injuries or illnesses. The American National Standards Institute also has benchmarks of their own. 1910.133 (a) (2) Edge Eyewear SR118 Reclus Wrap-Around Safety Glasses, Anti-Scratch, Non-Slip, UV 400, Military Grade, ANSI/ISEA & MCEPS Compliant, 5.04 Wide, Black Frame/Blue Mirror Lens, One Size ANSI Z87: Meets the High Impact Requirements of CSA Z94.3-2007 and the High Impact Requirements of ANSI Z87.1-2020. Find the featured frame brand that's right for you and get an Extra $20 to spend* when you purchase from a VSP network doctor. Our Best Choice for safety glasses osha approved. If you dont see any relevant markings, its always wise to err on the side of caution and assume the glasses are not suitable to protect your eyes from injury while youre working. Now that you know more about OSHA approved prescription safety glasses, go ahead and use this information to help you buy the best pair possible. 4. 60% Off Lenses. They shall be reasonably comfortable when worn under the designated conditions. Eye and face protection is addressed in specific OSHA standards for general industry, maritime, and construction. OSHA Safety Glasses Requirements. Adapted size: Fit for eyeglasses bracket width is less than 12 mm.It can cooperate with most protective Eyeglasses. AmazonCommercial Safety Glasses (Clear/Black), Anti-Fog, 12-pack. Frame: $93. Protective goggles form a protective seal around both eyes where the material is tight or flush to the face. Full facepiece elastomeric respirators and powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs) are designed and used for respiratory . You do not pay anything extra and your purchase helps support our work. The specific kind youll need to use typically depends on the task at hand. Eye and face protection is addressed in specific OSHA standards for general industry, maritime, and construction. Eye Protection Safety Goggles - Perfect for lab, chemistry, science, mowing, cutting onions, Woodworking, Painting, shipyard, engine room, construction site, industrial, shooting, DIY projects, home, and workplace Safety. OSHA's role is just that they enforce the use of them. . There were nearly 2 and a half million workers disabled as a result of their occupation, and an estimated 300,000 cases of occupational disease. If you need safety glasses, OSHA guidelines tell your boss the standards those glasses need to meet. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Your employer is responsible for assessing the risk in your workplace and determining whether or not you should wear safety glasses. If the glasses are safety-approved according to ANSI or other standards, they will be stamped. WRAP AROUND DESIGN provides extended eye protection and unobstructed viewing. For your employees who need to wear prescription safety glasses, they do not have to settle for wearing two pairs of glasses. It goes without saying, if you want impact resistance and ultimate safety, your glasses should be OSHA approved (read: ANSI Z78.1 certified). Z87.1 requires that the protector (frame) marking be placed in relatable proximity to each other. Eyewear that fully conforms to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1 requirement where both the lens and frame are marked with "Z87" is approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for use in environments where eye protection is required. What does it mean if "Z87+" is stamped on a pair of safety glasses? is it an OSHA violation if employees are wearing their safety glasses on their head, and not exactly on the eyes, as required? We pleasure in providing our consumers 100% pleasure with every purchase. Malta Dynamics 12 or 24 Pack Clear or Tinted Safety Glasses OSHA/ANSI Approved Protective Eyewear for Men & Women. Our lenses are crafted from naturally UV blocking polycarbonate, so you get UV protection without a darkened lens. The Zenni 749812 safety glasses are available with progressive prescription lenses. In hazardous workplaces, street wear eyeglasses should only be worn in conjunction with ANSI-approved additional cover protection. If you just dont like the look of your new glasses, you can choose to ship them back and well refund half of the cost of the glasses. amoolo Clear Safety Glasses Bulk of 24, Protective Eyewear for Men Women, Scratch & Impact Resistant Eye Protection for Work, Lab, Construction, Clear Safety Glasses Protective Eyewear for Men Women, Scratch & Impact Resistant Eye Protection for Work, Lab, Construction, protectowear Safety Glasses with Clear Anti fog, Anti-scratch wraparound lenses, OTG ANSI and Osha Certified and air ventilation, UV 400, extra long soft rubber temple arms, metal free structure, 12 Pack Clear Safety Glasses Bulk ANSI OSHA 6 Colors UV Protection Saftey Glasses Clear Lens & Colored Temple Safty Glasses by Acerpal, JORESTECH Eyewear Protective Safety Glasses, Polycarbonate Impact Resistant Lens Pack of 12 (Clear), NoCry Clear Safety Glasses for Men and Women; Lightweight Work Glasses with Adjustable Frames and No-Slip Grips; Scratch Resistant Anti Fog Safety Glasses with Superior UV Protection, White & Pink, BISON LIFE Safety Glasses - Scratch Resistant Eyewear, Polycarbonate Impact Resistant Lens, 3M Safety Glasses, Virtua CCS, ANSI Z87, Anti-Fog, Clear Lens, Blue Frame, Corded Ear Plug Control System, Removable Foam Gasket, SAFEYEAR Men & Women Anti Fog Safety Goggles HD Scratch Resistant Safety Glasses VU Protection Over Glasses Work Goggles, ProtectX Safety Glasses Scratch Resistant Anti Fog Polycarbonate Lenses ANSI Z87.1 Rated with UV Protection, 30 Pairs Safety Glasses Safety Goggles over Glasses with Clear Impact Resistant Anti Scratch Lenses Unisex Eye Protection Goggles with Adjustable Temples for Women Man Nurse Lab Shoot Work, Youyole 20 Pairs Safety Glasses Scratch Resistant Eyewear Certified UV Safety Goggles Polycarbonate Impact Resistant Lens for Laboratory Construction Gardening Industrial Craft, Youyole 84 Pairs Safety Glasses for Men and Women Safety Protective Glasses Bulk Protective Polycarbonate Lens Unisex Clear Anti Scratch Protective Eyewear Goggle Safety Glasses 7 Colors, TCOS The Crazy Ones Clear Safety Goggles Safety Glasses Eye Protection Goggles Protective Goggles Chemistry Lab Welding, Solid. Stay on top of the latest news about prescription safety glasses, eyewear, sunglasses, and all the trends in the industry. While all Oakleys feature impact-resistant Plutonite lenses that exceed ANSI Z87.1 standards, this doesn't mean every frame meets the standards for safety glasses. Safety Glasses For Men & Women w/ Side Extensions | Protective Eyewear Safety Goggles w/ Clear, Eye Protection Lens, MAGID ANSI Z87+ Performance Anti-Fog Safety Glasses with Side Shields, Scratch-Resistant, Comfortable & Stylish, Cloth Case Included, Clear Lens, Y50 Iconic Design, Y50BKAFC (1 Pair), konqkin Safety glasses Goggles Nurses Protective Eyewear - Anti Fog Square Frame Stylish Clear Glasses for Women Men, Uvex by Honeywell Hypershock Safety Glasses, Clear Frame with Red Mirror Lens & Anti-Scratch Hardcoat (S2974), 96 Pairs Clear Safety Glasses Bulk Adult Safety Goggles Unisex Eye Protection Glasses Impact Resistant Protective Glasses with Assorted Color Frame for Men Women Lab Construction Carpentry Shooting, YENPK Safety Glasses for Men Women, Safety Goggles ANSI Z87.1 UV Eye Protection, Wrap Around Anti Scratch for Construction, ToolFreak Rebel, Indoor Outdoor Safety Glasses, Rated to ANSI z87.1, KELELM Emergency Eyewash Station for First Aid,Wall Mounted Eye Wash Rinse Kit with Double 500ml Portable Empty Bottles for Eyes and Skin Without Solutions, Yellow, OXG 6 Pack Safety Goggles ANSI Z87.1 Glasses, Anti-Fog Protective Safety Glasses Lab Goggles Men Women Eye Protection Goggles, EGO Power+ GS002 Anti-Scratch Safety Glasses with 99UV Protection & ANSI Z87.1 Standards, Grey Lens, LianSan Oversize Anti-Fog Safety Goggles for Nurses, Z87.1 Certified Safety Glasses for Women, Square UV Protection, 28 Pack Safety Glasses in 7 Colors (Bulk Pack of 24+4) Unisex Clear Anti-Scratch Protective Goggles Impact Resistant Lens Eyewear with ANSI Z87.1 Certified for Construction, Shooting and Laboratory, Safety Goggles, 5PCS Adjustable Wide-Vision Protective Glasses, Lightweight Fog-Proof Safety Goggles, ToolFreak Reevo Safety Glasses, Red Mirror Lens, U6 UV & Impact Eye Protection, Safety Rating to ANSI Z87+, Hard Case,Pouch, Neck Cord & Cloth, Wiley X WX Valor Tactical Sunglasses, Safety Glasses Shatterproof UV Eye Protection for Combat, Shooting, Fishing, Biking, and Extreme Sports, Matte Black Frame, Grey Tinted Lenses, Ballistic Rated, Bullhead Safety Pompano Anti-Fog Safety Glasses, ANSI Z87+, Polycarbonate Protective Eyewear, DEWALT DPG94-1D Dominator SAFETY Glasses, Clear Lens, LETAAKA Safety Goggles, 4 Pack Anti Fog Safety Glasses for Women Men, Blue Light Blocking Eyeglasses Anti Dust UV Protective Eyewear, Alsenor IPL 190nm-2000nm Laser Safety Glasses Goggles For Laser Cosmetology Operator Eye Protection And Laser Hair Removal Treatment, 48 Pairs Safety Glasses Anti Fog Goggles Scratch Impact Resistant Eye Protection Sunglasses for Men Women, Stoggles - Official - Square - Z87.1 Certified Safety Glasses - Anti-Fog - Blue Light Blocking (Medium, Charcoal), miunruar Safety Glasses for Men Women, ANSI Z87.1+UV protective eyewear, Impact Resistant Safety Goggles for Sport,Driving, KleenGuard V30 Nemesis Safety Glasses (14481), Blue Mirror Lenses with Black Frame, 12 Pairs per Case, MELASA Safety Goggles ANSI Z87.1, Anti-Fog Protective Lab Goggles, Eye Protection Goggles, Dollger Safety Glasses Goggles women men saftey Anti Fog Clear Eye Protective Goggles Protection Safety Glasses Transparent Blue, Malta Dynamics 12 or 24 Pack Clear or Tinted Safety Glasses OSHA/ANSI Approved Protective Eyewear for Men & Women, UKNOW Safety Goggles Over Glasses, Anti Fog Safety Glasses with Clear Wraparound Lens, ANSI Z87.1 Protective Eyewear, NoCry Lightweight Protective Safety Glasses with ANSI Z87.1 Rated, Clear, Scratch Resistant, Anti Fog Lenses, Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Use, Transitions Safety Glasses Meet ANSI Z87+ Approved in Model 206 Retro Frame Style, Galeton 9250 Vista Visitors Fitover Safety Glasses Fit Over Most prescription Eyewear, Vented Temples, Clear, One Size, 3M Safety Glasses, SecureFit, 1 Pair, ANSI Z87, Anti-Scratch, Clear Lens, Clear Frame, Secure Comfortable Fit, OXG 6 Pack Safety Glasses for Men Women, ANSI Z87.1+ UV Protection Impact Resistant Protective Eyewear for Sport, Construction, Fishing, Driving (Multicolor Lens, Black Frame), Alsenor Safety Glasses Anti Fog Goggles Protective Eyewear Blue Light Blocking Anti Dust UV Protection Glasses For Men Women (Grey), TOREGE Eye Protection,Fashionable Safety Glasses With Clear No Fog Lenses,Great Safety Goggles For Men&Women(Transparent White&Clear Lens), 4-Pack Reading Safety Glasses Goggles Anti Fog for Women Man Ansi Z87.1 Protective Eyewear +0.0,+1.0,+1.5,+2.0,+2.5, +3.0, Bullhead Safety Dorado Safety Glasses with Dual Lenses, ANSI Z87+, Blue Light Glasses with UV Light Protection and Anti-Scratch Coating, Blue Revo Lenses, Matte Black Frame. [58 FR 35160; June 30, 1993; 81 FR 16092-16093, March 25, 2016], Occupational Safety & Health Administration. (1580) $149. But, unless you're a construction worker, chances are you don't have a pair of safety goggles lying around. When you notice your glasses are dirty, you should clean them right away. More than 40 styles. Eliminate this frustration with safety glasses. Adjustable Elastic Strap and Venting Design - Fits over most glasses, adjustable elastic strap design to facilitate the fastening of the head circumference. Up until 1970, there were no safety standards that required companies to make sure that their employees were safe or that they were protected from health hazards. Also, from time to time we update our guidance in response to new information. makes every pair of our safety glasses with standards that go above and beyond the ANSI Z78.1+ certification requirements. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. 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